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Focal - JM Lab has been a pioneer of great loudspeaker designs for well over twenty years and is a leader in the European market as well as fast becoming a world leader due equally to their reputation for design and manufacturing prowess as to having already developed some of the worlds finest speaker systems ever produced. In 1996, from the beautiful area of Saint-Etienne France, JM Lab's Jacques Mahul unveiled the flagship and still world standard, Grande Utopia speaker system. Jacques Mahul heads the design of both the famous Focal driver and automotive speaker groups as well as the complete home speaker manufacturing arm, JM Lab. The Focal division so routinely wins the US automotive sound competition that the name is simply expected to appear in the winners system under the "best sound" category. To add to these accomplishments, JM Lab has just introduced a refinement to "the world's best loudspeaker". Plus, this year sees the introduction of several new series !TTo add to these

One visit to Uptown Audio in Roanoke VA will prove to be a treat for anyone seeking better stereo sound from their hi-fi system or an enriched home theater experience. On display is a vast selection of products from the extensive JM Lab lines. A very broad spectrum of products are imported from this French company which dwarf the competitions ability to effectively offer the best values in any given scenario, a specialty here at Uptown Audio. No fewer than four complete lines of speakers are offered under the JM Lab banner.


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Focal - JM Lab

Home Audio Speakers

Focal Chorus 700 V Series
CC 700v Center
SR800v Surround
SW 700v Subwoofer

Focal Chorus 800 V Series
SW 800v Sub
SR800v Surround
CC800v Center

Focal 826W LE 30th anniversary limited edition speakers

Focal Profile Series

SW908 Sub w/DSP
CC908 Center

Focal Electra 1000 S Series
Electra 1007 S
Electra 1027 S

Focal Electra 1000 Be
Electra 1007 Be
Electra 1027 Be
Electra 1037 Be
Center & Sub

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Focal Utopia Series
Grand Utopia EM
Stella Utopia EM
Maestro Utopia EM
Scala Utopia EM
Diablo Utopia EM

Diva Utopia be

Sib & Cub home theater package

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Roanoke Valley's High-End Audio Dealer

Uptown Audio

authorised Focal - JM Lab dealer

Focal Professional studio monitors

Solo6 Be
Twin6 Be

Sub6 Be

Focal XS 2.1 system

The entry level Chorus S series is both affordable and excellent. Proving that quality does not have to be exclusively for the wealthy, these speakers offer style and sound fit for a king on a squire's budget! Easily surpassing the best efforts of other popular companies’ designs, the Chorus series brings to reach fabulous sounding home theater packages. The Chorus series has been completely redesigned this year to bring-in yet another new standard for value! As good as these new designs are, they just scratch the surface of the capabilities of JM Lab.

The Chorus 800V series is the next level of quality in the four line group and expands on the Chorus 700V series value to incorporate technology developed exclusively for the Utopia series products at a price that is attractive to hi-fi stereo gurus and home theater fans alike. High quality electronics are incorporated into the crossovers as is the now famous "Sandwich W" cone material used in the Utopias. Detail, balance, neutrality, speed, range; all of these describe the sonic benefits of the Chorus 800V series, not to mention their wonderfully elegant design. Did we mention that they look great too?!

The Profile series is a new design with all new technologies. Unique and modern styling combines with sound quality never heard before at this price point to bring you excellent value. This series is hard to beat for sheer entertainment and the furniture quality finishes are a great addition to any home. Revel in their spacious, unclolored sound and be continually amazed at the amount and quality of bass that eminates from such narrow enclosures. Truely fantastic performance at prices mere mortals can afford.

The Electra 1000 series is one of the finest quality loudspeaker lines available today. Beautifully hand finished wood and lacquer add to the luxurious look and feel of these magnificent designs. The accuracy of sound is what is at the heart of the Electra speaker and every detail is designed with that goal in mind. A stunning resemblance to the Utopia line is no coincidence. Every major design parameter used in the Utopia series has been incorporated into the Electra series design. The Electra speakers represent a level of craftsmanship and sound quality that surpasses the very best efforts of most of the top speaker manufacturers in the world. Not for audiophiles only, these designs will enhance any decor rather than detract from it and will stand the test of time. Throw at them what you will, classic jazz, the latest digital film soundtracks, classical masterpieces, west coast grunge rock... The Electras will reproduce with absolute faithfulness to the original signal, every note, and every shade of a tone so convincingly as to transport you to the event. Relive your entire CD collection as if you had just purchased it today as new levels of resolution reveal previously hidden content and emotion. You are hereby challenged to bring your own best speakers to Uptown Audio for a direct comparison to the wonderful JM Lab Electra speakers. Did we mention that they sound great too?!

Already we have described more speaker choices than manufactured by any other single brand that we know of and we are not done just yet. Manufacture may be the key word here. Did you know that most speaker companies do not actually manufacture their products? That’s right, they buy the drivers and then try to incorporate them into their own boxes using whatever crossover techniques they can to get them to sound decent and then apply their own badge to the fronts. JM Lab designs and manufactures the drivers and the crossovers and the boxes, giving them complete control over research, development and build quality. The end result is a world class product, second to none in quality. Enter Utopia...

Expanding on the exceptional sound and construction qualities of the Electra series, the JM Lab Utopia speaker systems offer unprecedented levels of quality. The Utopias are definitely for those who desire the absolute best without regard to cost. If you have to ask...

Matched to exacting levels each driver and crossover is selected for tolerance and matched to its stereo mate and then consecutive serial numbers are assigned to each. The cabinets are fitted by hand and are comprised of 2" thick wood with exotic veneers and solids applied. The details do not stop on the outside, but continue to incredible attention to detail internally, where lead sheets line the loudspeaker enclosure walls to dampen resonance. When listening to a set of Utopia speakers, you will notice the precise location of the sonic image and the lack of distortion. You will not notice the crossover point or the sound of the enclosure. These have been carefully examined and optimized to achieve a seamless and transparent presentation so only the music remains. Only the finest electronics are recommended for use with the JM Lab Utopia speakers to realize their full potential. Did we mention Utopia?! The new Utopia EM series is now in limited quantity production.



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