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Focal - JM Lab Chorus 700 V Series


Sib & Cub speaker system

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.... ...Focal Chorus 705v in Amati ....... Focal Chorus 706v in Amati

. ...... ...Focal Chorus 716v in Black ....oFocal Chorus 726v in Amati

 Focal - JM Lab Chorus V Home Theater Speaker System

Focal Chorus V series speakers are available in two finish options, a medium wood color called Amati, or in the all black finish. Chorus V speakers are sold in pairs for stereo use and can be expanded to include a matching sub and center channel speaker for 5.1 or 7.1 surround use for larger rooms with a home theater system.

Sib & Cub home theater package pictured below

A compact yet refined choice for smaller settings requiring excellent sound quality and high end style.

The Sib satellites are wall mountable with integral brackets. In addition to the 5.1 system, they are also sold in pairs and are water resistant for use on decks and in kitchens, etc.

........... Focal Chorus CC700v in Amati....... Focal Chorus SR700v

SW700v Subwoofer in Amati finish


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