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Focal - JM Lab Electra 1000 Be series

 Focal - JM Lab Electra 1000 Be series Speaker Systems

Electra 1007 classics

Focal - JM Lab Electra 1000 Be series Speakers are available in two distinctive dual tone finishes. The Classic finish is a warm real cherry wood with a black center and the Signature finish is a real red cherry wood with the black center. Electra speakers are sold in pairs for stereo use and can be expanded to include a matching sub and center channel speaker for 5.1 surround use.

Electra 1027 classics

At this point in the JM Lab line, their engineering prowess and fanatical attention to detail become almost overwhelming. The Electra 1000 Be series speakers simply strip lesser designs bare. Their sound is exceptionally transparent and riviting with pin-point accuracy and fabulous tonal shading. All speakers of this series use the famous Focal beryllium tweeter and Sandwich-W woofer cones. They represent some of the very finest in European design and craftsmanship. Following on the heels of the Focal-JM Lab Utopia Be series and the limited edition Electra Be series, these speakers take full advantage of the very latest technologies. The wonderful shape and finish will appeal to both men and women alike and the sound is simply stunning.


Finally, the fantastic beryllium tweeter found in the Utopia Be series is now available in the very latest Electra series speakers from Focal! Also new is the stylish and functional new trapezoidal cabinet shape which blends graceful lines with rigidity for great style and sound without cabinet colorations. As with all JM Lab - Focal loudspeaker designs, all speaker systems use custom designed drivers for each specific application. Focal makes all drivers and cabinet parts in house and has full control over design, construction, and quality. This guarantees the best sound by affording them the ability to tailor each design down to the individual driver components to maximize their effectiveness in the system. Add the best research and development department in the business and you have a recipe for consistently great products using the latest technologies. You can experience the difference that this quality makes in both sound and in appearance at Uptown Audio, where we always have on display samples from every Focal product line.

Focal Electra 1007 Be speakers in red cherry finish


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