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Dali has been producing great loudspeakers for over twenty five years from their factory in Denmark. Since 1983 DALI, Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, has designed, developed, and produced hi-fi speakers with a single goal. To fulfill their vision of how loudspeakers should sound, look and feel. DALI is driven by raw enthusiasm and optimism on a never-ending journey to satisfy the ideal of what good speakers are. This vision, dedication, and skill has placed Dali in a top brand in the European market and set them on their course to fast becoming a world leader in hi-fi loudspeaker speaker production.

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One visit to Uptown Audio in Salem VA will prove to be a treat for anyone seeking better stereo sound from their hi-fi system or an enriched home theater experience. On display are a selection of products from the extensive Dali lines. A broad spectrum of products are imported from this Danish company which offer excellent sound quality, build quality, and value. Value has been and will always be our specialty here at Uptown Audio. No fewer than four complete lines of speakers are offered under the Dali banner.


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Danish Loudspeakers


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Dali Zensor Series
Zensor 1
Zensor 5
Zensor 7
Zensor Vokal


Dali Lektor Series
Lektor 1
Lektor 2
Lektor 3
Lektor 6
Lektor 8
Lektor LCR
Lektor Sub


Dali Ikon mk2 Series
Ikon 1 mk2
Ikon 2 mk2
Ikon 5 mk2
Ikon 6 mk2
Ikon 7 mk2
Ikon Vokal 2
Ikon On-Wall
Ikon Sub


Dali Mentor Series
Mentor Menuet
Mentor 1
Mentor 2
Mentor 5
Mentor 6
Mentor 8
Mentor Vokal
Mentor LCR
Mentor Sub


Dali Helicon Series
Helicon 300 mk II
Helicon 400 mk II
Helicon 800 mk II
Helicon C200 mk II

Dali Euphonia
Euphonia MS4
Euphonia MS5
Euphonia RS3
Euphonia CS4

Dali Fazon home theater package

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Uptown Audio

authorised DALI loudspeaker dealer

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The DALI LEKTOR line is proud heir to nearly three decades of dedicated research and development by one of the world’s leading loudspeaker builders. Inheriting exclusive DALI features, technologies, and materials developed for the famed EUPHONIA, HELICON, MENTOR, and IKON series, DALI LEKTOR is created. Applying experience and design principles acquired during the creation of these multi award winning series to bring world-renowned DALI performance to a highly attractive price point.

The DALI LEKTOR Series introduces an extremely versatile loudspeaker line-up that lets you assemble an exceptional stereo or surround sound setup to suit your specific needs and wishes. Finished in attractive light walnut or black ash vinyl veneers to a furniture grade, the distinctive LEKTOR exteriors are envisioned in close collaboration with leading European designers for a smart, contemporary look and feel.


The DALI IKON series sets new standards for just how much real audio quality you can buy at an affordable price. Each model offers materials, technology and performance worthy of comparison well beyond their price range.

The most eye-catching features of the IKON series are the wood fiber reinforced cones in the specially developed bass/midrange drivers and the hybrid high frequency module that combines the virtues of dome and ribbon drivers for extremely wide dispersion and silky smooth, exceptionally airy, high frequency response extending well beyond the audible range.


The DALI MENTOR range will be your trusted companion for countless hours of listening pleasure for many years to come. A large part of the secret behind the new MENTOR series lies in our decades of experience and intimate knowledge of drivers, crossovers and real wood cabinets.

The handsome, gold-plated, dual bi-wiring or bi-amping screw terminals fitted to every MENTOR model are designed by DALI. Even the screws that attach the drivers to the thick MDF front baffles have been specially designed for this purpose. This fanatical level of quality control is a major factor in achieving the more natural, refined, and relaxed musical presentation that is the true definition of the MENTOR Series.


As DALI just celebrated its 25th anniversary, the revitalized DALI HELICON MK2 series continues to build on our considerable experience in designing loudspeakers to be as true to the original sound as possible. This all-new range of DALI HELICON speakers delivers sonic realism to enable and encourage a willing suspension of disbelief that transports you to another time and place where you can forget all about technology and audio systems and lose yourself in a thrilling musical or cinematic experience. The DALI HELICON loudspeakers are developed, designed, hand-built, assembled, and individually tested at the DALI factory in Denmark.


The EUPHONIA Series is the top of the DALI range, developed from scratch using the experience and know-how acquired from the development of the DALI MEGALINE and applying them to an all-new design, both visually and sonically. The development of the DALI EUPHONIA Series went further than using already known speaker technology. It introduced the new, patented "Hornflex" low resonance cabinet technology and the hybrid tweeter module (now also famous from the HELICON and MENTOR series) where the advantages of a soft dome and a ribbon tweeter are combined in a complete high frequency solution. EUPHONIA is all the loudspeaker you will ever need in a lifetime, no matter if your preferences are stereo or surround.


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