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Increasingly, we spend our lives in splendid isolation, in front of computer screens, reading, travelling from one destination to the next. The moments that we actually share with friends and loved ones have become so precious to us that we felt the need to invent a name for them - quality time.

Fortunately, movies and music are the quintessential group experience. Sharing movies and music with a loved one, with family and friends can be a stolen moment, outside time, a precious lasting memory.

As DALI just celebrated its 25th anniversary, the revitalized DALI HELICON MK2 series continues to build on our considerable experience in designing loudspeakers to be as true to the original sound as possible.

This all-new range delivers sonic realism to enable and encourage a willing suspension of disbelief that transports you to another time and place where you can forget all about technology and audio systems and lose yourself in a thrilling musical or cinematic experience.

At DALI, we start with a full and firm understanding of the fact that throwing technology at a problem is no solution at all. Therefore, we set sonic excellence as our goal and simply pursue the straightest possible path to that goal.

When we succeed, a new work of art is lovingly crafted to re-create another.

The Dali Helicon Series is developed, designed, hand-built, assembled and individually tested at the DALI factory in Denmark.

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Dali Helicon 400 Mk2, 25th anniversary piano black speakers


One visit to Uptown Audio in Salem VA will prove to be a treat for anyone seeking better stereo sound from their hi-fi system or an enriched home theater experience. On display is a vast selection of products from the extensive Dali lines. A broad spectrum of products are imported from this Danish company which offer excellent sound quality, build quality, and value, a specialty here at Uptown Audio. No fewer than four complete lines of speakers are offered under the Dali banner.


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Dali Helicon 400 Mk II




Danish Loudspeakers


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Dali Helicon 300 Mk II


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Dali Helicon 400 Mk 2


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