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DALI LEKTOR is proud heir to nearly three decades of dedicated research and development by one of the world’s leading loudspeaker builders. Inheriting exclusive DALI features, technologies and materials developed for the famed EUPHONIA, HELICON, MENTOR and IKON series, DALI LEKTOR is particularly inspired by DALI IKON, applying experience and design principles acquired during the creation of that multi award winning series to bring world-renowned DALI performance to a highly attractive price point.

The DALI LEKTOR Series introduces an extremely versatile loudspeaker line-up that lets you assemble an exceptional stereo or surround sound setup to suit your specific needs and wishes. Finished in furniture-grade light walnut or black ash, the distinctive LEKTOR exteriors are envisioned in close collaboration with leading European designers for a smart, contemporary look and feel.

The LEKTOR Series consists of seven models to cover every conceivable application, from a compact stereo set-up to a seriously ambitious multi-channel installation. The compact models incorporate integral wall brackets for easy mounting, while the floorstanding models include spikes and rubber feet for effective acoustic isolation for pure, unadulterated listening pleasure.

Skilled DALI engineering ensures that every model in the LEKTOR Series represents a unique fusion of crossover network and drive units that is an easy load for any amplifiers. While this makes LEKTOR speakers viable partners for amplifiers with even limited current capabilities, the dynamic potential and revealing nature of DALI LEKTOR also makes them worthy partners for all fine amplifiers.

Sonically, DALI LEKTOR brings life to all your favourite tunes - from smooth melodies to heavy bass lines, from sweet romantic comedies to wild action blockbusters, DALI brings you all the thrills and chills that home entertainment has to offer.

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Dali Lektor 2


One visit to Uptown Audio in Salem VA will prove to be a treat for anyone seeking better stereo sound from their hi-fi system or an enriched home theater experience. On display is a vast selection of products from the extensive Dali lines. A broad spectrum of products are imported from this Danish company which offer excellent sound quality, build quality, and value, a specialty here at Uptown Audio. No fewer than four complete lines of speakers are offered under the Dali banner.


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Dali Lektor Subwoofer




Danish Loudspeakers


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Dali Lektor 6


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Dali Lektor 6 in black and Lektor 8 in light walnut


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