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Cyrus audio & video systems are upgradable and expandable.


Integrated Amplifiers
Cyrus 6vs
Cyrus 8vs

Pre Xvs
AV 8
Phono X

Stereo Power Amplifiers
Smart Power Plus
X Power

Monoblock Power Amplifiers
Mono X

Front End Devices
CD 6
CD 8x


Stands & Accessories
Hark Audio Rack
Cyrus Cables


Cyrus is dedicated to the development of superb hi-fi systems. Our team is based near Cambridge, England from where we have been designing and manufacturing superior audio equipment for 20 years, for distribution across the world.

Our unique, understated aesthetic design and intelligent digital control systems combine with proven audio expertise to shape a range of components that encompasses everything from a simple start-up system through to advanced hi-fi, A/V and multiroom installations.
Today it is essential that products not only perform at the top of their price class but also give added value in the form of first-class build quality and broad functionality.

As you journey through this site we hope you will come to appreciate our total commitment to advancing home audio replay to a high art, and how our wide range of components can be upgraded and improved long after your original purchase.

Cyrus engineers regard listening to final prototypes as an essential part of the development process. Our listening panel tunes each component for many days, sometimes months, before it is passed for production. We believe it is this insistence that our ears be the master of measurement that creates the magic of Cyrus.

Cyrus products are available in satin black and aluminium silver.

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