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Cyrus audio & video systems are upgradable and expandable.

Cyrus AV 8 surround sound processor, high fidelity preamplifier in silver alloy finish

Front & back views of Cyrus AV 8 in black & silver alloy finish

Cyrus electronics are housed in die-cast aluminum chassis.

Cyrus Mono X monoblock power amplifiers in black satin & silver alloy finishes

5.1 channels of Cyrus sound!

Stack 'em, rack 'em - rock 'em!

Cyrus Pre Xvs stereo preamplifier in satin black finish

Cyrus Pre Xvs preamp, Cyrus CD8x with PSX-R supply, and Cyrus Smart Power Plus stereo power amplifier in silver.


Cyrus amplifiers have gained international recognition and fame for their excellent sound quality, unique engineering and value. The Cyrus power amplifiers are available in a stereo chassis which is bridgable to mono and in true monoblock versions. The stereo amplifier is the Smart Power Plus and it delivers 60wpc into an 8 ohm load (110w in mono). There is also a brand new X Power 70wpc stereo power amplifier. The mono amplifiers are the Cyrus Mono X amplifiers and deliver 150wpc each into 8 ohm loads. They are stable with 4 ohm loads and have balanced as well as single-ended input connections. They are extremely fast and capable of bursts of up to 1500 watts each. Also available are a range of integrated amplifiers with the classic Cyrus look and sound.

The Cyrus Pre Xvs stereo preamplifier is the perfect control center for a high fidelity system. It is a specially developed control unit to partner our range of matching mono and stereo power amps. Featuring a huge power supply, finely tuned power regulation stages and our most detailed circuit tuning; the Pre Xvs manages to combine outstanding performance with simple intuitive operation. Some of the more advanced features are hidden from immediate view. These include our intuitive speed sensing volume knob, individual input sensitivity and a high quality headphone circuit that allows you to leave your headphones permanently connected. This is useful if, like many owners, you want to listen at night, relaxing in a favourite chair. A no-compromise development process and access to fine quality (not to say expensive) components allowed the Cyrus tuning panel to open up the frequency response. This expands the preamp’s ability to recreate a large sense of scale and ambience. For the most effective system performance to date, the latest "vs" version offers "vitual servo" technology which improves resolution and transparency by removing some capacitors from the signal path yet maintaining the protection to the amplifiers. The Cyrus Pre Xvs can be further improved by adding the external PSX-R power supply. Pto provide a quiet, smooth, regulated power feed to its sensi

Another couple of very welcome editions are the new Phono X phono preamplifier which is a MM & MC phonostage for use with any system and the new DAC X, an already award winning, ground breaking product. The DAC X has been gathering praise as being the finest D/A converter available at anywhere near its price.

tive circuitry.
The Cyrus AV8 home theater processor/preamplifier is the Cyrus quality solution to great sound from multi-channel systems. It features six digital inputs, three stereo, analog inputs and has an upgrade option to allow an additional 5.1 channel analog input from an external DVD-A or SACD unit. The AV 8 is a 5.1 channel unit with superb sound quality that makes music as well as movie soundtracks soar. It includes Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro-Logic II decoding as well as PCM and analog stereo amplification. All of this is contained within the Cyrus non-magnetic, cast housing. Cyrus components are 1/2 width and can be placed on a shelf side-by-side or stacked into a tight spot where other components will not fit. They have stunning good looks and sound that is as real as it gets!

Cyrus engineers regard listening to final prototypes as an essential part of the development process. Our listening panel tunes each component for many days, sometimes months, before it is passed for production. We believe it is this insistence that our ears be the master of measurement that creates the magic of Cyrus.

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Cyrus products are available in satin black and aluminium silver.

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