Cyrus CD & DVD Players

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Cyrus audio & video systems are upgradable and expandable.

Cyrus DVD 8 player in silver alloy finish

Front & back views of Cyrus DVD 8 in silver alloy finish

Cyrus electronics are housed in die-cast aluminum chassis.

Cyrus CD 8x in black satin finish

Cyrus has introduced the stunning new DAC X digital to analog converter! It has six digital inputs and, of course fantastic sound. Cyrus components routinely achieve five star status in all of the UK audio magazines and the DAC X is no different. Also available as a preamplifier with D/A converter in combination as the DACxp, this adds two analog inputs and analog volume control.

Cyrus CD players have gained international recognition and fame for excellent sound quality and value. The Cyrus CD6 is upgradable fully to the Cyrus CD 8x player.

The Cyrus CD8 CD player has won a group test and the Best Buy recommendation from "What Hi-Fi?" magazine. It has been further improved in the CD8x version and can also benefit from the addition of the PSX-R external power supply.

Then there is the latest Cyrus DVD8 DVD player, offering dual, high speed 24/96 DACs in a compact chassis. Cyrus components are half-width to allow more room on shelves or to sit side-by-side on full width shelving. A small stack can be made to form a mini system of amazing quality. No more sacrificing performance for space!

Cyrus engineers regard listening to final prototypes as an essential part of the development process. Our listening panel tunes each component for many days, sometimes months, before it is passed for production. We believe it is this insistence that our ears be the master of measurement that creates the magic of Cyrus.

Cyrus products are available in satin black and aluminium silver.

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