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Cyrus audio & video systems are upgradable and expandable.

Cyrus 6vs amplifier in satin black finish

Front & back views of Cyrus 8vs amplifier in silver alloy finish

Cyrus electronics are housed in die-cast aluminum chassis.

Cyrus electronics has just introduced the new "vs" versions of their popular integrated amplifiers and preamplifier. The "vs" suffix stands for "virtual servo" and is a Cyrus technology that allows the removal of a couple of capacitors from the signal path reducing distortion and protecting the amplifier without incorporating a typical servo circuit , thus the "virtual" servo name. What you get is the same power and protection as Cyrus has been famous for, yet with greater resolution and sonic transparency, bringing you closer to the performance than ever before!

Cyrus integrated amplifiers are upgradable in quite a few ways. First, the excellent 40wpc Cyrus 6vs amplifier can be upgraded fully to the Cyrus 8 vs amplifier. The 8 series amplifiers can benefit from the addition of the PSX-R external power supply. The amplifiers have pre-out jacks allowing the addition of a stereo power amp or a pair of mono amplifiers for bi-amping or even tri-amping such equipped loudspeakers.

The Cyrus 8vs amplifier offers a high speed, 70wpc output in a compact chassis. Cyrus components are half-width to allow more room on shelves or to sit side-by-side on full width shelving. A small stack can be made to form a mini system of amazing quality. No more sacrificing sound quality for space!

Cyrus engineers regard listening to final prototypes as an essential part of the development process. Our listening panel tunes each component for many days, sometimes months, before it is passed for production. We believe it is this insistence that our ears be the master of measurement that creates the magic of Cyrus.

Cyrus products are available in satin black and aluminium silver.

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