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Rogue Audio has proven to be one of the most respected names in the amplifier business in the last few years. We picked them from a crowd of contenders to be our premium vacuum tube amplifier maker and they have continued to keep us busy with great new products like the Cronus Magnum 2 integrated amplifier and the RP-5 preamplifier. Rogue Audio also continues to please with other new models, showing refinements to their already instant classic models with the new ST100 & M180 power amplifiers. All of their products are hand made in their Pennsylvania factory.

The Perseus Magnum preamps include excellent sounding phono stages and have remote volume control. The Perseus also has a home theater bypass function. The now classic model 99 vacuum tube preamp has been upgraded to the awesome 99 Super Magnum version. It has a place on board for fitting with a phono stage any time that you desire. It comes standard with remote control, headphone jack, and has a unique feature in that it incorporates a gain control, which is in addition to the volume control.

The power amplifiers are switchable from Triode mode to Ultra-Linear operation with on board switches. These must be heard to be fully appreciated. The latest and more powerful versions are now available in the ST100 and the M180 amplifiers. The Stereo 100 delivers 50 to 100 watts in triode/ultra-linear modes respectively and the M-180 monoblock amplifiers deliver a pounding 90 to 180 watts of pure tube power! These new units are built to the "Magnum" specification and include bias meters and individual tube adjustment.

The newest developments at Rogue Audio are the massive Apollo monoblock power amplifiers and the matching Hera 2 preamplifier. These amplifiers are fully balanced and are advancing the starte of the art in vacuum tube circuit design. Also available and wildly popular is the exciting, Titan series of budget vacuum tube amps. Still made here in the USA! The Titan series consists of the Atlas Magnum power amplifier, and Cronus Magnum 2 integrated amplifier.

Equally as impressive as their sound, the construction quality of the Rogue Audio amplifiers is first rate. Thick aluminum faceplates, heavy steel chassis and glass/epoxy circuit boards make these some real heavy hitters. Also notable under the hoods are top quality transformers and circuit components such as Dale resistors, Nobel potentiometers, the use of twisted pair solid hook-up wire, silver solder and the attention to design and detail that only a true music lover could achieve.

You are in for a treat at Uptown Audio! Come by our showroom in Salem VA for a listen today. We are sure that you will wish to join the legions of loyal Rogue Audio fans and start listening again to your CD and Lp collection as if it were new!

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Discontinued products from Rogue Audio:

66 LSR preamp, 66 P preamp, Sixty-Six Magnum

99 preamp MkI, Ninety-Nine Magnum preamp

Model 88 power amplifier, M120 monoblock amps

Eighty-Eight magnum amp, M120 Magnum amplifier

Tempest MkI integrated amplifier

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