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Rogue Audio preamplifiers are hand made in the USA. They feature exceptional quality in design, sound and finish. The Rogue Audio Stealth phono preamps hold musical truth high with speed and accuracy. Through the use of very high quality parts and skilled design, deep, tight bass and crisp, clear highs are uncovered from the depths of the Lp grooves as never before. Easily added-on to any linestage preamplifier, the Rogue Audio Stealth phonostage can upgrade any system to include vinyl as a source of high fidelity. All Rogue Audio products are available with your choice of black or silver faceplates. The Stealth is adjustable to accommodate MM and MC type phono cartridges. Magnum versions are also available which feature more capacitance with by-pass, ultra-expensive foil coupling caps and silver internal wiring.

Rogue Audio Stealth phono stage

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