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Welcome to the Guitar store!  Here you can buy all types of parts and accessories for electric guitars. From vacuum tubes and amplifier components to pickups and hard shell cases, all on-line using MasterCard or Visa, or you may call in an order or email orders using the information at the bottom of the page. Products not listed may be ordered by email or telephone. Many more products and accessories are available for purchase here. All of our Stores link to one convenient shopping cart on a secure server. You can continue shopping in our other stores linked here for vacuum tubes or hi-fi gear, whatever and then check out at one time!


$50 minimum order


We take on-line security seriously.

When you place your order on-line here from our website, all information is secure. Simply by clicking on any "Buy Now" button you will be placing an item in your shopping cart which is hosted on a secure 3rd party server. Our shopping cart is hosted by LinkPoint, the top professional on-line shopping cart administrator and security firm on their secure server. Their server uses 1024-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security to protect transactions, and their gateway constantly screens transactions for fraudulent activity. Our customers can safely enter their credit card data during checkout and be sure that their information is transferred securely to LinkPoint to authorize and complete their order. Don't be alarmed when you are leaving the website and entering theirs. You will see our logo on your shopping cart header. All of our on-line stores link to the same cart so you can buy several items from several of our "stores" on one order form. For instance, you can select an Orange amp from one store and then add a ProCo pedal from another. Your shopping cart will then contain both items and you can check out securely at once. Your information is never shared.




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Mini Guitar Amp

2w, solid wood and steel construction, tube amp and vintage effects simulator with multiple settings, built-in guitar tuner, headphone jack, the nicest mini amp available! Beautiful bubingo wood is stock, also available in walnut, maple, or zebra woods on request.




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Tweed Guitar Strap - USA made also makes a great strap for the mini amp, don't forget strap buttons!




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Fender original 150s guitar strings

Light     .009 - .042




Tweed Gfender150s.jpg (11725 bytes) made

Fender original 150s guitar strings

Regular     .010 - .046




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Gibson Vintage Reissue guitar strings

Regular     .010 - .046




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Fender style strap buttons

pack of 2 with screws




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Gibson style strap buttons

pack of 2 with screws





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Schaller locking strap button system Chrome

pack of 2 with screws




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  Custom locking strap button system Aztec design,   gold

pack of 2 with screws





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Custom locking strap button system Star design,  chrome

pack of 2 with screws






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     Custom locking strap button system Sun design,       gold

pack of 2 with screws





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White Pearloid pickguard for Strat

Standard 11 hole pattern - 4 ply !

Fits most American & Mexican Strats, not vintage RI






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Genuine Fender Pearloid pickguard for Strat

Standard 11 hole pattern - 4 ply !

Fits most American & Mexican Strats, not vintage RI




We specialize in wiring custom, wired pickguard assemblies and can offer just about any color and style of pickguard. We also do installations of pickups and wiring on Gibson and other guitars which require us to have the guitar here. Call us or drop by to let us know what you have in mind and we will get back to you with the cost of the project.

We offer in addition to Lindy Fralin pickups, many others by Fender, Gibson, Seymour Duncan, etc.





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Prewired, white Strat pickguard assembly, loaded. A nice sounding, affordable upgrade to any imported Stratocaster. Fits standard 11 hole pattern for US and Mexican Standard Strat guitars, not RI types. White/black/white 3-ply guard with mint pickup covers and parchment knob and switch tip set for a classic, aged look.






call for custom options

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Hohner Hoodoo Box Tube Amplifier

A killer sounding and nicely appointed little practice amp for guitar or harp. A 5w vacuum tube amplifier with separate gain control and a unique tone voicing system that allows much greater flexibility than other popular practice amps, plus real spring reverb! This amp sounds gorgeous way down below 2w, where other types of the 5w variety that we have tried fail to really impress unless cranked up to a quite loud level, defeating their purpose. Compact and well constructed, this one is a keeper.







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