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Tannoy speakers are designed and engineered in Scotland and are available in a huge variety of styles and technological expertise. The name Tannoy has been synonymous with loudspeaker for 75 years! Too good to be believed without a personal visit, Tannoy produces the highest value speaker systems on the market as well as some of the most sophisticated and accurate in the world.

A SuperTweeterTM is a small high frequency drive unit, mounted in a special casing, designed to sit on top of, and drawing its input signal from, existing speakers. Tannoy SuperTweeterTM will transform any sound system, creating the effect of a quantum leap upgrade in the sound quality of speakers, electronic components and cables.
All models are stand-alone units with vertical axis adjustment to ensure optimum combined acoustic output with the main speaker. Each has two sets of controls allowing both operating frequency and output level to be optimised for any type of speaker.

The Range.
ST200 SuperTweeterTM are available in solid oiled American Walnut and are dedicated to the ‘Prestige’ line of speakers both in adjustment optimisation, appearance, style, construction and performance. The ST200 Prestige model is provided with a calibrated location gauge, to allow accurate front to back positioning for all Prestige loudspeaker designs past and present. 

ST100 SuperTweeterTM come in solid black ash and with the same Performance PlatformTM as the ST200. This model is provided with specific crossover and frequency control settings suited to all types of speakers, regardless of manufacturer. In addition the ST100 is optimised for use with older Tannoy Dual Concentric models, many going back over 40 years to the original 15” Monitor Red derivatives. 

ST50 SuperTweeterTM are constructed from solid aluminium die-castings coated with a soft feel, non-reflecting finish. Not only are they designed to visually blend in with all types of speakers, but they also provide an instant acoustic upgrade that is unavailable in any other way. 

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