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Tannoy speakers are designed and engineered in Scotland and are available in a huge variety of styles and technological expertise. The name Tannoy has been synonymous with loudspeaker for 80 years! Too good to be believed without a personal visit, Tannoy produces both the highest value speaker systems on the market as well as some of the most sophisticated and accurate in the world.

The Tannoy Revolution series is the new, remarkably well designed and constructed line of speakers offering Tannoy's innovative WIDEBAND technology with their exceptional new dome tweeter that increases high frequency extension well beyond the range of human hearing. This latest Tannoy development reduces distortion to new levels and leaves harmonics intact resulting in less phase error. These improvements lead to a sound that is breathtakingly real and recreates a true three dimensional soundstage and impact of a live performance. The Revolution and Revolution Signature loudspeakers incorporate this into their famous Dual Concentric driver. It is available in two sizes and in floorstanding or bookshelf size enclosures. The cabinet design is thoroughly modern and elegant, available in your choice of Espresso or a golden Oak. The cabinets feature curved sides that eliminate parallel surfaces and thus standing wave distortion, as well as provide improved structural rigidity. The result is an immediate and uncolored presentation that is as exciting as it is accurate. The grills are held in place magnetically and the drivers are trimmed to eliminate any visible hardware should you wish to display the speakers without their covers.


Stop by Uptown Audio, Virginia's leading Tannoy dealer, today to hear the Tannoy Eyris loudspeakers for yourself!

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Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6-LCR             Revolution DC4-LCR


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Tannoy Revolution DC4T tower speakers in oak and espresso

Tannoy Rocks!

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Tannoy Revolution Series

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The Tannoy Revolution speakers are available in  Espresso and Oak  in 6" and 4" Dual Concentric versions!


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The Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6 and DC4 speakers.


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Tannoy Revolution Signature DC4-LCR


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Tannoy Revolution DC4

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