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Rega has long been famous for setting the world standard for high fidelity turntables. The designs have been proven to be superior without modification for twenty years and still no other design has been able to improve upon the Rega performance for the same price. Value has been and is what Rega equipment is about. Second only to sound quality in design parameters is cost. For the first time in decades Rega has released improved versions of their high fidelity turntable line to compliment their fabulous digital components. The resulting design innovations have brought the Rega turntables to new levels of accuracy. A new motor mounting design and improved power supply eliminate speed fluctuation. Also a new material choice for the plinth of the models offers greater focus and energy in the sound with even less background noise. Rega tables are absolutely silent and are so much superior to what most people have been exposed to that a whole new outlook on Lp sound quality is often the result of a brief demonstration. The quality of sound and construction is immediately obvious even to those that have sworn by CD playback only as their benchmark for accuracy.

The new Rega RP1 is the latest and greatest entry into the budget turntable market. Vastly superior in build and sound quality to other tables in its price range, the Rega RP1 is set to become the best value around and sure to be making beautiful music in many homes. Got records that you haven't heard in ages? The RP1 is the perfect choice to get started back into the wonderful experience that listening to vinyl offers. Fitted with an Ortofon cartridge, the RP1 is ready to go into any amplifier which has a phono input.

The Rega P3 has long been the world standard for quality of sound and design. More of the original Planar 3's have found there way into audiophile systems than any other table and for good reason. The latest version, the RP3 now includes major improvements in sound quality and aesthetics. Features include: A new lighter and more stiff plinth material with a phenolic structural brace, an upgraded version of the famous RB300 tonearm called the RB303 is included, a new low vibration 24 volt motor and speed regulation system, and the ability to upgrade via the TT PSU external speed controller. All Rega tables (but the P2 78)are two speed designs and accommodate both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm records. The Rega tonearms are cast from a solid piece of aluminum and have no joints to cause distortion. The RP3 has set the standard by which all other turntables are judged.

The brand new for 2012 table is the Rega RP6. It bridges the gap in performance from the highly regarded RP3 to the venerable P9. The Rega RP6 has a lighter alloy structural brace, an improved subplatter, a platter where weight has been added and distributed as in the P7 design, plus a  new tonearm in the RB303. It includes the TT-PSU external speed control as standard and is finished in one of many high gloss colors.

The P7 turntable also comes standard with the new TT-PSU, external speed control. The P7 has a newly designed ceramic platter and is fitted with the RB700 tonearm. These design improvements are economical variations from the P9 design which offer a performance near that of the P9 for a lower price.

A new tonearm design, possibly the world's finest, the RB1000 is now included in the Rega analog flagship, the P9 turntable. The P9 has some very unique features and components from which no cost was spared. Sporting a separate chassis for the power supply and speed regulation circuitry, the P9 sets new standards for accuracy. A very exotic platter material is incorporated. A ceramic that has been designed originally for the aerospace and military, an aluminum oxide platter has been developed that is the hardest substance known to man other than the diamond. The hub and spindle assembly is hard chrome vanadium and has been machined to extremely fine tolerances. Other materials used are tungsten and Teflon, while the drive is accomplished using two belts for greater torque and less variance. The tonearm is constructed exactly to print with zero tolerance. This process takes an individual over ten times the man hours to produce than even the awesome RB300 tonearm! Truly a new standard for excellence in a still affordably priced table!

The most popular tonearm in the world for audiophiles who elect to buy a turntable from one maker and an arm from another is the Rega RB300. It offers unique features giving it exceptional sound quality and making it very easy to set-up and operate. One reason is that most makers of turntables cannot make their own arms. Another is that the Rega tonearms are just so good that few others dare to even attempt a design that would be consistent with Rega's quality. The budget design is the RB250, which shares similar design and has sonic aspirations that near the famous RB300.

The latest design, the RB303 is better equipped and painstakingly assembled. These take the Rega tonearm design a few steps further by upgrading the tolerances, materials, tonearm cable, and connectors. It includes a three-point mounting inspired by the RB1000 and features a completely redesigned arm tube.

In order to offer performance even exceeding the fabulous and now discontinued RB900 arm, the new Rega RB1000 has been developed. It is fitted as standard on the awesome, latest version Rega P9 turntable and comes from the experience found in building a long line of outstanding tonearm designs. The RB1000 is so well constructed and tested that it takes thirty times the man hours to produce as the revered RB300! At present there are only two technicians skilled enough to build the exotic RB1000 arm. This has been dubbed and may well be the best tonearm design in the world.

Finally Rega has on offer a superb solution for those who want to get the best sound from their vinyl from other preamps. The Rega Fono is a phono preamplifier housed in a separate chassis that is small enough to be hidden behind existing gear yet is attractive enough to display. It features a separate power supply a quiet MM gain circuit. Providing the proper gain and RIAA curve to allow playback of records on amplifiers that lack an internal phono stage or as a significant upgrade to those that do, the Rega Fono will bring life back to your record collection.

For those wanting a reference quality phono stage, suitable for use with the best moving coil cartridges, tonearms and turntables such as the Rega P9, we have the new Rega Ios MC phonostage. The Rega Ios features selectable loading and gain. it is of dual mono contruction and housed in the same top quality aluminum housing as the Isis and Osiris.

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Rega Apheta moving coil cartridge

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Rega RP1 Turntable with cover $445



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Rega Fono Mk2 phono stage

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Rega RP3 Turntable

Rega_RP6_turntable.jpg (56136 bytes)

Rega RP6 Turntable

now available in piano lacquer gloss color finishes!


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Rega RP8 Turntable


Rega P9 Turntable with optional maple finish


.. .. RB250 RB251 Tonearm ........ RB300 RB303 Tonearm


Rega RB1000 tonearm


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