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Cambridge Audio designs and manufactures high performance audio products at a much lower cost than those being produced by other hi-fi makes. Cambridge Audio amplifiers and CD players have become world famous for their sound quality and affordable price points.

The Cambridge Audio 851A amplifier is a newly designed integrated amplifier with a patented operating class. It allows for the power of a class AB amplifier while at the same time offering extremely low crossover distortion, emulating a class A design. Further setting it apart from lesser designs, it houses a completely independent preamplifier and power amplifier in its chassis. The preamplifier section has a fully independent power supply, even down to its own transformer. The unit is operated with the assistance of a large LCD panel, indicating selected sources and functions. Inputs are assignable and are relay isolated for zero noise. Volume control is via a sophisticated relay operated resistive ladder system. A set of balanced inputs are included to accomodate the excellent 851C CD player in optimum fashion.

Also new is the CX80A integrated amplifier, which offers the same functions as the 851A in a more affordable, 80w package. It cis a very high performance amplifier at a most affordable price. Visit our Cambridge Audio Store page for more info and pricing. You can buy any Cambridge Audio product there on-line using MasterCard or Visa.


Uptown Audio is proud to be able to serve all markets and provide cost effective solutions for those on tighter budgets as well as the very finest, cost no object equipment to those who can afford the very best. Now available is the latest series of components from Cambridge Audio, the Azur series, which strengthen the ability of Uptown Audio to provide truly satisfying high-end sound at prices normally associated with mass market products. Don't compromise sound to meet your budget; visit Uptown Audio for an introduction to a world of affordable and wonderful sounding equipment.



Visit the Cambridge Audio Store !




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Visit the Cambridge Audio Store !

and get one of the highest quality integrated amplifiers available, The Cambridge Audio 851A !

Also available now is the new CXA60.



Cambridge Audio amplifiers

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Topaz AM5 amplifier in silver




651A amplifier - pictured in silver

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Cambridge Audio 851A in black

The 851A has completely independent preamp and power amp sections, even down to using a separate transformer for each. It has assignable RCA inputs and a pair of balanced XLR inputs. 


The 851 series compoents feature large, LCD displays and remote control operation. They offer performance never before heard at their price points.


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CP1 & CP2 phono preamps


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