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Experience the Cambridge Audio difference for yourself in Roanoke VA at Uptown Audio!

Cambridge Audio has developed extremely high performance audio products at a much lower cost than those being produced by other makers. They offer better value and sound quality to those who normally would not consider it due to financial reasons. We have several models on display and all in stock.

Cambridge Audio 851C is the highest resolution and best sounding player at its price point. Many listeners have found it to outperform units costing many thousands of dollars more! In addition to great sound from its CD drive, it also has digital inputs which allow access to its wonderful DACs! Now, you can get the sound quality of the 851C from other digital sources as well as the CD player. Massive and meticulously constructed, it features analog balanced outputs as well as RCA.

Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport and the CXN network player, offer two more ways to deliver your digital library or stream to your Cambridge Audio DAC. The CXN features its own stereo Wolfson DACs in dual differential mode for a warm and detailed sound. Fantastic sonic performance for value is made even sweeter with the addition of digital inputs allowing the use of its DACs by other digital sources. Applications may include an upgrade your satellite receiver, a XM radio reveiver, a music server, a computer sound card, PCM output from a DVD player, etc.


Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10 and CD5 players offer premium player performance at budget prices. They have matching amplifiers sets available with combined remote control functions for convenience and the making of exceptional smaller systems. These products can be compared to the best players commonly available from the larger Japanese makes, while continuing to offer better value.

There is also a music server in the CXN, which provides a computer network interface and access to thousands of songs from its internal hard drive, plus links to as many others as you wish to connect. It has Wolfson DACs inside for great performance.

Cambridge Audio Blu-Ray / DVD video players are also available. The CXU is the most feature packed and highest performance universal player ever offered by cambridge and certainly one of the worlds finest. It is a universal player featuring SACD, DVD-A, CD and other format capability. The sound is as stunning as the picture!

Uptown Audio is proud to be able to serve all markets and provide cost effective solutions for those on tighter budgets as well as the very finest, cost no object equipment to those who can afford the very best. Now available is the latest series of components from Cambridge Audio, the Azur series, which strengthen the ability of Uptown Audio to provide truly satisfying high-end sound at prices normally associated with mass market products. Don't compromise sound to meet your budget; visit Uptown Audio for an introduction to a world of affordable and wonderful sounding equipment.



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and get the highest resolution CD player available, The Cambridge Audio 851C !

Also available now are the new CXC and CXN.

The new 851C CD Player in black

Cambridge Audio CD players


 840Csilver.jpg (4417 bytes)  840c-rear-black.jpg (136970 bytes)

Cambridge Audio 851C in silver and black

The second image shows the digital connections on the back as well as the analog outputs. It has both RCA and balanced XLR outputs.




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