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The Avid Acutus turntable is radically different from current design theories. Designed from a clean sheet, leaving nothing unexplored or unresolved. Setting a standard of musical reproduction others must now aspire to achieve.

In brief, the Acutus is a belt drive, sprung subchassis design and this is where the similarity with other designs stops. At first glance, you can see there is something different and you are correct.

Vibration caused by the stylus during playback is transmitted to the subchassis directly through the bearing and not absorbed into the platter. This is achieved using a unique matting material and clamping system. External vibrations are isolated by a unique suspension system.

A purpose designed external power supply coupled to a hand-wound motor, 10 times more powerful than normally used, drives a massive 10kg platter.

This unique turntable would be a focal point of any system and will transform the sound quality and lead it to another dimension. Stunningly finished in chrome or optional 24k gold, this turntable will be the natural choice for those who demand the best in performance, sound and style.

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