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Ortofon has finally designed and produced a long awaited and wonderful sounding moving coil transformer for use as a step-up device to connect low output  moving coil cartridges to the ubiquitous moving magnet phono stages. No more searching for old, abused, and quirky units from all corners of the earth - the new units have arrived at last! 

The Ortofon Verto is an exceptionally high quality LOMC step-up transformer. The design is both simple and modern. Top quality parts go in and wonderful sound comes out.

Overto.jpg (64299 bytes)


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KontrapunktLine.jpg (25771 bytes)


ortofon Kontrapunkt moving coil cartridge line-up

Kontrapunkt c, Kontrapunkt b, Kontrapunkt h, Kontrapunkt a




RondoLine.jpg (32102 bytes)

ortofon Rondo moving coil cartridge line-up

Rondo Bronze, Rondo Blue, Rondo Red


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MC_Rohmann.jpg (15250 bytes)  MC_Jubilee.jpg (15459 bytes)

ortofon MC Rohmann & Jubilee cartridges


OrtofonArms.jpg (26305 bytes)

ortofon Tonearms


Verto.jpg (21297 bytes)

ortofon Verto Moving Coil step-up transformer

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