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The Music Hall line of electronics provides very high performance at reasonable prices. There are presently four models available. One integrated amplifier, one stereo receiver, one CD player and one CD/SACD player.

Music Hall a25.2 integrated amp & cd25.2 CD player

Music hall proudly announces the release of the a25.2 integrated amp and cd25.2 CD player. These components were specifically designed for the music lover. We set out to prove that with attention to detail, good design, and dedication, fine audio equipment can be made at a reasonable price. To this end, we chose a select group of technologically advanced and synergistically matched parts to make the a25.2 and cd25.2. The perfect complement to one another this combination will provide years of musical enjoyment.

a25.2 Features:

• Digitally-controlled analogue audio volume control IC by Texas Instruments, PGA 2311
• 50 watt/channel amplifier
• High quality toroidal transformer
• Specially designed low-noise pre-amp section
• Pre-amp out/Subwoofer connection
• 4 analog inputs, 1 tape loop, 1 headphone input
• Heavy rigid chassis
• Gorgeous slim-line system remote control
• Thick brushed aluminum fascia
• Easily readable and dimmable florescent display
• Detachable power cord

Dimensions: W17 x D14.5 x H3.5 in.
Weight: 24 lbs. pkg.
$599.00 ea.

CD25.2 Features:

• Burr-Brown PCM 1738 24-bit/192kHz DAC
• Philips VAM1202/19 transport
• Thick brushed-aluminum front plate and solid chassis
• Two digital outputs; 1 x coaxial and 1 x optical
• Standard analog output
• Gorgeous slim-line system remote control
• Easily readable and dimmable florescent display
• Detachable power cord

Dimensions: W17 x D14.5 x H3 in.
Weight: 15 lbs. pkg.
$599.00 ea.


Music Hall Maverick Super Audio / CD player

The maverick has been meticulously designed to play uncompromising 2-channel stereo from both Super Audio CDs. and traditional CDs. The sound quality of the Maverick is truly spectacular.


• Top grade Sony SACD decoder chip, CXD2752
• 24-bit/96kHz Upsampling via Crystal CS8420 sample rate converter
• Burr-Brown PCM1738 24-bit/192kHz DAC for standard CD and SACD
• Rigid full aluminum chassis and faceplate
• Sony KHM 234AAA laser head and servo system
• 2 transformers provide separate power to the analog and digital systems
• Vibration-canceling dimpled rubber feet
• Remote controllable standby/power function
• Easily readable and dimmable florescent display

Dimensions: W17 x D14.5 x H3
Weight: 20lbs.


Music Hall Maven stereo receiver

The maven is a classic two-channel stereo receiver designed for the music lover. We chose a select group of technologically advanced components to create this powerful 100 watt/channel receiver with 24-bit/96kHz upsampling and video switching. music hall’s maven is the perfect complement to the maverick Super Audio CD player.


• 24-bit/96kHz Upsampling
• Crystal CS8420 sample rate converter w/Burr-Brown PCM1738 DAC. Processes all standard digital audio signal rates from 32kHz to 96kHz
• Digitally-controlled analogue audio volume control IC by Texas Instruments, PGA 2311
• 100 watt/channel amplifier
• A, B, and A+B speaker selection
• AM/FM tuner with 99 presets and Sleep Timer.
• Two digital inputs: 1 optical/1 coaxial
• 5 analog inputs; 3 with video switching
• Pre-amp out/subwoofer connection
• 5-way insulated gold speaker binding posts
• High quality gold input jacks
• Full remote-control operation
• Heavy-duty detachable power cord
• Dimensions W17 x D16.5 x H5 in.
• Weight: 43 lbs. pkg.



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Visit the Music Hall Store !

Music Hall A25.2 amplifier & CD25.2 CD player

Music Hall Maverick CD / SACD player

Music Hall Maven stereo receiver



Bellari vacuum tube phono stage

The Bellari vp129 is a tube phono preamp with a built in headphone amplifier, for use with moving-magnet and high output moving-coil cartridges. The vp129 is designed to amplify and provide RIAA equalization from a phono signal to convert it to a line level signal. Since the unit utilizes tube circuitry, the resulting output signal is more warm and musical than solid state preamplifiers. The real kicker aside from the price and stellar sound is that it's manufactured in the US.

"The Bellari seemed to create a sound that was rich, natural, and appealing. Surface noise was low and the music emerged from a crisp quiet background. It was an excellent sound by almost any standards; one I was very happy to listen to. The bane of cheap vinyl reproduction is excessive brightness/harshness. The Bellari sounded focused and articulate, but rich and warm too - with an attractively full bass and sweet open mid-band." -- Jimmy Hughes, Hi-Fi + Issue 37

Bellari VP129 Features:
• RIAA Equalization
All tube circuitry
• Switchable Rumble Filter
• Mute Switch
• Headphone Output w/variable level control
• Steel Chassis
• Input Sensitivity: 30 dB gain
• Input Impedance: 50k Ohms
• Output Impedance: 8 Ohms Headphone, 100 Ohms RCA
• Max Output Level: >10dB @ 1kHz at .1% dist.
• Equalization: RIAA +/- 1.5 dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
• Rumble Filter: 20Hz
• THD .02% @ 1KHz
• S/N Ratio: >80 dB unweighted
• Power: 12 - 18 VDC
• Size: W6 x H2.5 x D5.4 in.
• Weight: 1 lb.
• Indicator: 1 Power LED


We offer our customers expert turntable advice, set-up, and phono cartridge alignment to make your purchase a turn-key experience that sounds its best right out of the box!



Music Hall RDR-1 hi-fi table radio

A few words from Roy Hall: "I started music hall because I love good sound and good value. Thousands of companies sell average sounding equipment for a ridiculous price. My goal is simple; to bring you great sound at a great price. That said, I love listening to the radio and I also love complete control. I want to listen to the station of my choosing in the office, in the kitchen, in the garage, and yes, in the bedroom. Shopping around, I discovered the only way to achieve this goal and meet my high standards was to make my own radio. I'm pleased to announce the release of the music hall rdr-1. Radio Done Right."

• Wooden Cabinet
• PLL Synthesized Tuning System
• RDS Feature
• Large, Easy to Read, LCD Display
• Clock & Alarm (Radio/Buzzer)
• Rotary Tuning
• Variable Bass & Treble Controls
• 3 inch, 7 watt, Full Range Speaker with powerful magnet
• Loudness/Bass Compensation
• External AM Antenna Terminal
• Detachable Power Cord
• Auxiliary Input Jack
• Record Output Jack
• Stereo Headphones Jack
• 9-15 VDC Power Adapter Jack
• Multi-Function Infrared Remote Control
• External, F Type FM Antenna Terminal
• Available in Black or Walnut finish
W9.5 x D6 x H4.5 in. -  Weight: 5.5 lbs.

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